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On how important social media has become, Karp shared that the bulk of traffic that Tumblr sees comes from Twitter and Facebook. Not Google. This isn’t surprising, but speaks volumes about the real-time value of Tumblr. While most blogs rely on Google for the bulk of its traffic, Tumblr has carved itself a niche that is a hybrid between real-time and static content. Basically, the company has built the best of both worlds.
Most of Tumblr’s Traffic Doesn’t Come From Google (via thenextweb)

(via emergentfutures)

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Kylie Minogue - Timebomb

Kylie Minogue and EMI have set a new record on Twitter as part of the social media ‘unlock’ campaign for combeack single Timebomb. You can watch the new music video here.

The singer promised to unveil her new single on her official website if she could achieve 25,000 tweets with the #KylieTimebomb hashtag.

Her fans achieved the feat in 43 minutes - a new Twitter record - and #KylieTimebomb became the world’s No.1 trending topic within four minutes.

The single has also been splashed on the iTunes homepage across the world.

Minogue told her fans: “You did it!!! I wanna wanna whoop.”

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What sets these brands apart in the social space? The key factor is that their messaging across all contact points consistently reflects and conveys an “idealized self” or “Me Statement” embodied by the brand — the reason that users want to be associated with it.

The reality is that most social media users choose to keep many aspects of their private selves private –- the aspects that don’t necessarily jibe with the idealized version of themselves they want others to perceive and pass along (in essence, their own private “brands”).

What draws people to affiliate publicly with a product or service brand is the desire to send a message to those in their social networks about how they want to be perceived -– their “Me Statements,” PhaseOne’s analysis shows.

Top Social Engagement Brands Make ‘Me Statements’


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