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Teen Titan. The man who made Justin Bieber

An interesting article albeit one that shouldn’t have happened. Scooter Braun should understand that no article is ever 100% positive (don’t get me started on how the article made Braun quite unlikable in my opinion and Bieber a fragile young adult incapable of holding his own ground) especially when it is published in a magazine that is considered highly elitist. 

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Attack Of The Tweens


Once Justin Bieber became popular a sudden rush for young pop singers started. Ellen DeGeneres is in the race (although lets face it, that doesn’t mean much) and more recently Simon Cowell’s eyes glowed of joy when coming across Liam Payne on the X Factor. Which is quite funny because Liam had auditioned before, so really Simon Cowell missed on having the ‘real’ Bieber phenomenon.

Anyway, are any of these boys good? We are yet to hear anything substantial from both Liam and Greyson but realistically what can they bring that’s new? One of them is an exact copy of Bieber the other one pretends to write songs about love when he’s 13.

What all these A&R guys don’t understand is that Justin Bieber worked because he was unique (it wasn’t all about the hair). Together with Scooter Braun he developed a strong fanbase through youtube before ever approaching a record label.

It was this sense of entitlement that all the young girls felt towards him that made him such a big deal. Bieber wasn’t force fed on them, they discovered him. All these guys fail on that. They are ridiculously manufactured but lack the great pop music that Bieber’s team created and on top of that they make Bieber seem an adult (Greyson and Cody are 13).

The one exception to all this is Jaden Smith. The little guy is the cool kid on the block with a slightly different style, a movie and a collaboration with Justin Bieber. He is set to destroy all the competition quite soon.

So go away little boys. Go through puberty; let your voice change; live a little bit and then become singers if you want. Till then Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith have it covered.

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