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Manchester v Liverpool as told by The Economist

Manchester hasĀ 

come to be seen as a go-ahead metropolis, with a pro-business city council, gleaming residential and retail developments and a large yuppie population employed in finance, law and professional services. It has more university students per capita than any other European city, and it has produced much of the best British pop music of the past 30 years. The world’s first industrial city has become very good at the “soft” stuff: sport, culture, academia, service-sector enterprise. I suspect that most Britons instinctively regard Manchester as the country’s second city, despite Birmingham’s traditional claim to that status.

Ahem really? Manchester is a city that is desperately trying to become said metropolis but seems to be a bit lost as to what industries it wants to attract. I still don’t understand why MediaCity is seen as a great project, it’s a project that at best will relocate a small industry that is dying and at worst (and at present) will create a ghost town.

As for the best British music… It might be time to let go of The Smiths and all that came with it. Have there been any major acts coming out of Manchester in the last 10 years? I can’t guarantee anything but I’m pretty sure there’s been nothing which is a shame really because the city could really put its reputation to good use here.

I really do hope Manchester invests in the right areas and flourishes in the next couple of years it is a city that has so much potential but this article exagerates just about everything.

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