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Lady Gaga gives 50 percent of her earnings to her father Read more:

If this is true (which I doubt it is) then it’s a real shame. I really doubt it is though. Joe has always been portrayed in a very positive light and, at least in press, has appeared to behave like you’d expect a parent to when your kid abandons college, starts doing drugs, decides she wants to be a superstar, etc. etc.

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A preview for Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Special.

I am very excited to see this as a fan, but at the same time, I feel like slapping whoever is currently on a mission to erode the Gaga brand. Gaga is the most famous, the biggest, the most sought after superstar on the planet right now. She should not be doing television specials you usually find (at least in the UK) C-list celebrities doing in the hopes of restoring a bit of their popularity. 

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Lady Gaga working on New Album

Not only that but her manager, Troy Carter, has been suggesting that they should give it away for free.

Now I understand that most of the music is pirated anyway but they better have a very good strategic reasoning behind doing this. The artists that get away with doing this have been around for decades, needless to say Gaga hasn’t, and I’m pretty sure that once you offer a new album for free you can’t go back to charging anyone so they better have a secret revenue stream (and no touring doesn’t count).

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