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ETML - Bind Me

ETML is Elliott Marshall, an 18-year-old singer, writer and producer from south west London, who seems to have found time in between studying for his A levels to pen an instant classic in debut single Bind Me, a joyful and addictive deep house/garage tune that could sit comfortably alongside the best of Disclosure or Bondax in the current scene. Produced by Taneli, Bind Me is all about the space in between; a fidgety groove and throbbing bassline skitter along under a silky, soulful vocal interspersed with judiciously placed hi-hat stabs and impatient handclaps. Radio so far comes from Phil & Alice and Rob Da Bank at Radio 1 and DJ target at 1Xtra, with some glowing online press from the Guardian, Fake DIY and Earmilk. Word is ETML has now emerged from his bedroom and is working with a brace of name producers on new material, which we only hope will be half as good as this.” RoD

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